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Volbella Vs Juvederm? Which Is A Better Option For You?

by antorpaul
Volbella Vs Juvederm Which Is A Better Option For You

If we look at the ingredients of Volbella and Juvederm, we will see that both these fillers are based on hyaluronic acid, which is one of the most common fillers used in cosmetic procedures.

Volbella is a new product that Allergan introduced in 2015. It has been getting lot of attention from the media and consumers as it promises to provide better results than Juvederm.

It is less expensive, easier to use and delivers more natural-looking results. There are some key differences between Volbella and Juvederm. The cost of Volbella is roughly 25% lower than Juvederm.


Volbella is a new filler from Allergan, and it has been making waves in the beauty world since its release. This unique injection can add volume to your lips, shape your jawlines, and contour your cheeks.

Volbella is made up of hyaluronic acid, a substance found in natural skin. It works by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. These two proteins help keep skin firm and youthful-looking..

Volbella is an ideal solution for lip augmentation, as it can make your lips look fuller in just a few days. It works by adding volume to the lips and filling in fine lines and wrinkles. Volbella is the only filler that is approved for this use.


Many women in their 35s, 40s and 50s experience the natural aging process as a volume loss in their lips. The lips can become thinner and less noticeable. Many women turn to Juvederm, which is a non-invasive lip filler to remedy this.

Juvederm is an injectable gel made of hyaluronic acid – a natural substance already present in the body. Hyaluronic acid can retain up to 1000 times its weight in water, making it an ideal substance for filling out wrinkles and increasing volume in the lips.

As an experienced practitioner, you are likely to have encountered the need for corrective aging treatments. Often, these treatments involve the need to fill a specific area or volume of the face. For instance, if you have an area that has lost volumes, such as the cheeks or lips, then Juvederm can be used to restore this volume.

The use of Juvederm is fairly simple. It involves injecting the substance into a specific area of the skin to plump it up, provide a more youthful look, and improve its appearance.

Difference between Volbella vs Juvederm

Dermal fillers are quite different from one another. Many details differentiate these products, and knowing the difference can help you decide which one to use.

Juvederm and Volbella are hyaluronic acid fillers, but Juvederm is made from larger molecules, so it takes longer to absorb into your skin. That means it lasts longer and provides more volume.

You can achieve similar results with Volbella, but you may need multiple treatments. Juvederm is much more painful than Volbella.


Volbella, Juvederm and Restylane are all hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers that can treat fine lines and wrinkles around the lips. Each of these products has unique set of benefits and drawbacks, which is why it’s important to see a licensed dermatologist for a consultation before deciding on any treatment.

Volbella and Juvederm are great products that can be used to address different concerns as well as deliver similar results. As always, it’s best to consult with your local plastic surgeon before choosing which injectable product is right for you.

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