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Hyapen Lip Filler Best Way to Improve Your Beauty

by antorpaul
Hyapen Lip Filler

Celebrities’ big plump lips have been all the rage for years now. There are a lot of well-known techniques to get this look, but a new player has entered the town. It’s called the “Hyapen lip filler”, and it promises to be able to give volume to your lips without the use of needles.

You can use this thing at home without any expertise. Many people want to make their natural lips bigger or regain the size that you lost for their age. Without pain-free surgery and needles look young and gorgeous. Break the age gap and read the Hyapen lip filler review. Let’s dive into the blog….

What is Hyapen Lip Filler?

Hyapen is a revolutionary smart device that uses innovative technology. It creates an immense force to “inject ” hyaluronic acid liquid into the skin dermal layer. And this process can go without using needles, pain, bleeding, and complications. This procedure can take up to 30-40 minutes. It lasts up to 6 months. You can get the best result after 3-9 sessions.

This pen is now known for plumping lips. The cosmetic industry has modified the device since its inception to suit the needs it was never intended for. Because we already have some fillers in our bodies, which maintain water in the skin tissue. There should be no risk of an allergic response to them. Hyaluronic acid loses its ability to connect with water as we age, making our lips, forehead, and general face appear less youthful.

Hyapen lip filler is a painless alternative for those who are afraid of needles. In a short length of time, this procedure plums and fills can reduce your skin’s tiny cracks and wrinkles. This pen uses technology to create pressure, which causes HA to transform into Nanoscale molecules and inject the acid into your skin. The flow diameter is 0.17mm which is the same as twice of a tiny insulin needle.

Your skin contains the hyaluronic acid molecule. This acid helps dermal tissue to repair your skin and save the skin from dehydration. Yet, as people get older, their ability to produce hyaluronic acid decreases. You can find this acid in juvederm and Restylane filler. Which improves your aging skin and adds volume to your face and lips.

Because the Hyaluronic Acid only reaches the dermal papillary layer. There is no danger of occlusion and no sharp tips to pierce blood vessels, making this a safe treatment. It can help you add volume, shape, and lift to your face.

Some of the therapy areas are –

  • Marionette lines, nasolabial folds, 11 lines, forehead wrinkles, and lips.
  • This solution uses both lip enhancement and wrinkle removal.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic Acid

This is the most damping material on the planet. Our body creates this type of sugar. Its job is to pump the water to the skin and keep it hydrated, soft, and youthful. There is no way to be hypersensitive to it because it’s produced in the human body.

As we get older, the percentage of Hyaluronic Acid and collagen fibers in our body decreases. They lose hydration and elasticity as they dry out and become thinner. Face sags and lines arise as an impact.

We can bring back collagen and enhance a fresher, Hyaluronic acid injections give the skin a plumper appearance. This is the most essential structural part of cell membranes.

The first look of the Hyapen Lip Filler

The invention was not exotic. For years. Even so, as of the spring of 2018, it is now in use to fill in creases and inject a hyaluronic acid mixture into the lips. From then on, it grew steadily in smaller beauty aesthetic groups.

It became more highly popular after greater overviews in early autumn of 2018. Early winter 2018 was the tipping point. At the last of 2018 Admire Beauty Academy invented the Hyapen. Those that missed out on being early inventors typically tried to fight it at first, but were eventually required to release their version in 2019. It is unavoidable.

The filler’s finest feature is, it has the ability to keep things simple. It’s an easy process that enables you to safely inject hyaluronic acid into your skin. When it comes to legal considerations, you’ll need to check your local laws. Yet, we can state that thousands of individuals use it all around the world.

It’s a basic moisturizer for the upper layer of the dermis. Before people used this to improve the contour and thickness of lips in some ways. Nonetheless, everyone must clearly define the norms and regulations in her unique viewpoint of delivering the service. We accept no responsibility for how you utilize this material, as indicated throughout this site, and we advise you to consult local health officials about that therapy.

What does Hyapen lip filler do?

This is a ‘penicillin’ type of solution. As opposed to innumerable beauty processes that act as ‘vitamins,’ producing something quite better. If the customer has a problem, which Hyaluron Pen elegantly solves. Need some specific examples? Thin and small lips – the problems are generally solved with 0.5 ml – 1 ml. Wrinkles are the same way. The presence of heavy and deep smile lines implies a problem – it’s that simple.

The Hyaluron pen is a workable solution- wrinkles vanish. Thus, we can be talking about a tangible problem solver in this sense, rather than just one of those Hyapen lip enhancement solutions that make something a little bit better but do not solve the real issue. When you want to make a noticeable difference, the Hyaluron Pen is the way to go.

Difference of the Hyapen and Filler syringe

These two belong in different worlds that just overlap a little bit, even if the part that overlaps is currently blowing out enormously. These needle free syrincs can dramatically alter the appearance of the human. The deeper the filler is injected, the wider and usually long-lasting the effect.

As a result, it just competes with a tiny group of HA fillers that perform the same function. While the Hyaluron Pen has limits when it reaches profundity or subnormal injections (where filler injections utilize for achieving effects). This is the king of its classification owing to its simplicity of use.

Is it better than a Plasma pen?

First of all, both two pens are extremely good and have monsters in their place. In the matter of facial skin rejuvenation, Hyapen can do a better job.

It has limitations when it comes to wrinkles, such as very superficial or very deep wrinkles. The Hyaluron Pen can do a great job with the most prevalent depth as per numerous wrinkle-rating scales. We can categorically state that the primary method of enhancing the HA substance of the skin is superior to more superficial therapies.

And all of this is simply for wrinkle reduction. Plasma pen is nearly worthless when it comes to filling the lips, while Hyaluron Pen completely triumphs.

Is it like botox?

First thing Botox is not a filler and it isn’t injected into the lips at all. So we can say no, it’s totally different from Botox. But some people believe that it is. You should know that Botox blocks nerve impulses to some muscles. For that reason, you get smoother skin for some months. As muscular action now exacerbated wrinkles.

Is it like botox?
Is it like botox?

Hyaluron Pen is a low viscosity, low elasticity filler. This injects into your lips or skin texture. Sometimes two completely different techniques can fix the same issue. While we are all aware, botox injections can be harmful if the person doing the operation is not a true professional with adequate medical and cosmetic beauty intervention experience.

Is the Hyaluron Pen treatment absolutely safe?

Nothing is completely safe, or even a micro-blading creator can accidentally poke somebody in the eye if she isn’t careful. Still, it is completely safe when compared to injecting fillers (which the safety of Hyaluron Pen is frequently compared to).

Why? The most serious injection problems arise, as we all know, from blocked blood vessels into which an unlucky treatment provider has injected filler. For example, filling a few large enough arteries with a thick enough material can constrain some Oxygen motion to the eyes and, in the worst-case scenario, result in temporary or permanent blindness. Because it is unnatural to inject the factual basis in the same way with the Hyaluron Pen, there are no such dangers.

What’s it’s time to sort out?

Treatments with Hyaluron lip fillers usually last between two and three months. The effects are more natural, and the procedure repeats every 3-4 weeks to “build” larger lips until you attain the desired size and plumpness. However, please note that everyone is different, and outcomes may vary depending on how quickly your body’s metabolism of the filler.

Hyapen lip filler before and after pictures

So, that’s a little volume but you can do more sessions to get your desired shape.

Our opinion on the Hyapen Lip Filler

Lip fillers, lip implants, and lip plumping glosses are still recommended if you want to give your lips a more youthful and plumper appearance. The pen is accessible on Amazon.com, AliExpress, and Alibaba, raising the question of how reliable these pens are. Of course, talking with a medical professional before undergoing any procedure is essential, but in this case, talking with a lip injection expert is essential.

Because there isn’t enough scientific evidence to back up the Hyaluron PEN and it’s “amazing results,” You should follow a specialist’s recommendations.


  • Under the age of 18 years.
  • Currently Breastfeeding or Pregnant.
  • Has diabetes and is under the care of a physician.
  • Acute and chronic skin diseases in the treatment area.
  • Acne is both inflammatory and active.
  • Hypersensitivity to any of the filling preparations’ ingredients.
  • Currently on Blood Thinning Medications/Anticoagulants.
  • Hypertrophic scars and keloids predisposition.

NOTE: If you have a background of cold sores, to avoid an outbreak. You’ll need to take antiviral medication prescribed from your doctor for three days before and two days after the procedure. It is the client’s obligation to buy this treatment because we are not responsible for the cause or prompt of your cold-sore breakout.

We recommend that you look for Hyapen lip filler on YouTube since it will show you how to use the Hyaluron Pen effectively.

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