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The Best Answer: Can I Drink Coffee After Lip Filler?

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Can I drink Coffee After Lip Filler

One of the most common questions that are Can I drink coffee after lip filler? The short answer to this question is yes, but with some caveats. If you’re planning on drinking a lot of coffee throughout the day, it’s best to wait at least 12 hours before consuming any caffeine. This can lead to increased bruising and can make your lips swell more than they already are. The

second caveat is that drinking coffee can make your lips look fuller because it causes them to swell up. If you are worried about looking like a duck or if this will be your first time getting lip fillers, I highly recommend avoiding caffeine for at least 24 hours before and after the procedure.

Having said all of this, if you can’t go without drinking some coffee throughout the day (I know how hard this can be!), stick with one cup in moderation and avoid anything else with caffeine.

Can I Sleep on my face After Lip Fillers?

Can I sleep on my face after lip fillers?

Well, that can depend on what type of fillers you have had and whether your practitioner has advised against it. On the day of treatment, we would only advise having fillers around the lips and mouth area if you can avoid sleeping on your face. This is because lying down can cause any filler to move around more than usual and can lead to uneven lumps or bumps in certain areas. The few days after your treatment, you can carry on as usual – avoid putting pressure on the treated area until it’s healed fulfill which can take anywhere from one to three days depending on how many are being injected at once.

Can I sleep on my side after lip fillers? The “post filler diet” has gained momentum over the past few years, with many people doing their utmost to avoid sleeping on their faces after receiving any lip filler treatment. The reason for this is because it can cause some swelling and can make you look slightly more “haggard” when you wake up – although the results vary depending on what’s been injected and how much. However, if possible, we always recommend sleeping, elevating your head slightly higher than your chest so gravity can work in your favor, and decreasing any swelling or bruising that may form over time.

Can you Wear Makeup After Fillers?

Can you wear makeup after fillers?

Can you wear makeup after fillers can be a more difficult question? If your practitioner has applied the filler with a needle, it can last from three to six months and can withstand being covered by makeup on the same day as treatment. However, if there is any bruising present, we recommend waiting at least 24 hours for this to subside before applying any foundation so that you don’t look like an extra from The Walking Dead!

Some of our practitioners also offer micro-needling treatments, which involve using tiny needles on top of lips to plump them further. These can take a little longer than lip filler injections themselves (usually around two weeks) but would still mean that your lips are fully healed and can withstand makeup.

If you’re planning on having micro-needling as well as lip filler, we recommend waiting at least four weeks before getting any fillers or doing the two treatments back to back, just so that your lips can heal and look their best! 

If you can avoid wearing makeup for this period too, even better – but if not, we suggest using a very light layer of tinted moisturizer during this process rather than a concealer which can be quite drying and cause irritation when used over freshly filled areas.

Can you get a Facial After Fillers?

Can you get a facial after fillers?

Yes, you can get a facial after lip filler. Some of our clients come in for their follow-up appointment with us straight after having had a facial with the same practitioner – usually around two weeks after treatment. The reason why most therapists recommend this is because there are significantly few side effects to having fillers injected, and they will usually have gone within 48 hours if you’re lucky (swelling and bruising).

Your skin must look at its best when coming into contact with people who may look at it with magnifying glasses, so we recommend avoiding any treatments which could cause the skin to swell up again, such as sunbeds or lasers. Also, bear in mind that any peels or microdermabrasion done after your treatment will be slightly more uncomfortable than usual as your lips may still be a little bit sensitive.

Can I take Ibuprofen After Lip Fillers?

Can I take Ibuprofen after lip fillers?

Ibuprofen can be taken on the same day as a lip filler. If you have taken it before, there can still be some swelling and bruising, so it’s best to wait at least 24 hours after treatment for any painkillers with Ibuprofen unless advised by your practitioner.

The most common side effects after lip filler (and painkillers) are swelling and bruising. We recommend keeping your lips hydrated by drinking plenty of water and using a cold compress on the area when needed to reduce any puffiness or discoloration, which should be gone within 48 hours for mild swelling.

Do you Massage your Lips After Fillers?

Do you massage your lips after fillers?

Lip fillers are usually very smooth and do not need massaging or pressing on them too much after treatment because of their malleable consistency. If you do massage your lips, though, do be careful that the filler doesn’t come away from where it’s meant to be, as this can cause lumps to form underneath the skin, which may take longer than usual to go away.

In general, massaging your face is something we recommend for our clients at first so that you get used to how products work with your new shape – but do bear in mind if anything ever feels sore or sensitive on your lips, do stop! A good way of remembering how to massage correctly on any face area is by drawing “C” shapes on your face. Ensure you do not do this too rough, though, as that may irritate you.

What to Avoid After Lip Fillers?

In general, what you should avoid after lip fillers on your lip filler treatment? The practitioner has advised against in terms of what to do and what not to do. For example, some might advise a client to sleep on their back for a few nights so that they don’t have any unnecessary lumps or bumps forming around areas treated with fillers. The most important thing with dermal fillers is following what your practitioner advises because there is no guarantee that pain or swelling will occur if certain things are avoided.

1. Avoid eating anything crunchy for the first 24 hours

2. Drink lots of water to avoid dryness and cracking

3. Don’t drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes for 48 hours

4. Be aware that you may bruise easily, so avoid picking at your lips with your nails

5. Keep away from people who have colds or infections – they can cause bruising and infection around the mouth area

6. Try not to talk too much as it will make your lips swell more than usual

7. Limit kissing to soft pecks on the lips until the swelling goes down (at least 48 hours) 

NOTE: we always recommend following your doctor’s tips.

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